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How to Make Nigerian Beans Porridge

Nigerian Beans Porridge

NIGERIAN BEANS PORRIDGE Beans which is known as ‘Ewa’ by the Yoruba people, Beans is rich in protein and good for growth. It is very advisable to have it in menu especially in a family with young children. However, beans can cause bloating, flatulence and indigestion to some people. The recipe and cooking method below […]

How to Make Nigerian Yam Porridge (ASARO)

Nigerian Yam Porridge

NIGERIAN YAM PORRIDGE (ASARO) Nigerian yam porridge also known as Asaro is a combination of yams and fresh green vegetables, it’s a tasty and healthy way to eat yam as you can add your green veggies. This recipe will put you through on how to make Yam Porridge. INGREDIENTS 1kg of yam Red Palm oil […]